Expert: Belarus embraced three waves of the epidemic of the coronavirus at the same time

Three independent waves of the coronavirus at the same time developing in Belarus. This hypothesis was represented by a member-correspondent of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Pavel Grinchuk, reports Expert is the most intense of them is recorded in the Minsk and Vitebsk, the second wave started later and is recorded in other major Belarusian cities. The third wave noticed in small towns and rural areas.

Grinchuk predicted a decrease in infection levels up to 100 new cases per day from July 20.

we will Remind, Belarus has not imposed strict quarantine restrictions to combat the coronavirus. The country’s leader Alexander Lukashenko explained by the fact that people need to work and to escape from the crisis, “as soon as possible”, and the story of the coronavirus he called “psychosis”. Meanwhile in Belarus, infection, infected more than 40,7 thousand people, 224 died.

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