appeal of the Parliament of Chechnya to the head of Dagestan 58 to resume work on coordinate description of the location of the boundary between the regions is a unilateral step of Grozny, said the lead researcher of the Caucasus IMEMO Vadim Mukhanov. As stated by the expert to the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, this move may exacerbate interregional and interethnic relations in the North Caucasus.

Vadim Mukhanov reminded that the process of “boundaries” was initiated in 2019 Chechen side and was faced with the opposition of the Dagestan society. The reason for the conflict issue was the possibility of transferring part of the Chechen Republic “disputed” areas in the Borderlands. The quarantine has suspended this process, and now Ivan wants him to step up. While the Chechen side in an argument uses the Federal center on the need to address the issues of land registration.

“In my opinion, this happens in the framework of the campaign the leadership of the Chechen Republic to strengthen the influence of its leader Ramzan Kadyrov and fixation of zones of influence and control. The head of Chechnya shows that he is an effective leader — not only in social issues and in matters of security, but in such acute moments, how the issues related to the border. You may recall “the Ingush case,” when two years ago clarifying questions about the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia. In Ingushetia, where the public and influential clans were against the decision, which they felt was one-sided, even there was an urgent protests. But the Chechen side insisted on making a decision issue and it was resolved, what do you think the experts in the interests of the Chechen side. Similarly, the process evolves from last year and for improvements regarding the administrative borders between Chechnya and Dagestan”, — said muhanov.

the Expert believes that it is necessary to expect growth of perturbations and in the Dagestani society. “This figureness Chechen leadership is an additional exacerbating factor in the internal relations in the North Caucasus and ethnic groups and between clans, and between the elites. Was the conflict between the Chechen President and the head of Ingushetia. Now we see the conflict between Chechen elite and the elite of Dagestan. No one in Dagestan is not satisfied, if a significant number of hectares of land, which was used by the residents of Dagestan as pastures, depart Chechnya. In Dagestan the already acute problem of land shortage,” said Vadim Mukhanov.

the Expert noted that now, after the treatment of the Chechen side should follow the answers of the leadership of Dagestan and the Federal center, including the presidential envoy in the NCFD. They will show what is the position in the problematic question of these parties.

the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov has published an appeal of the legislature, which he leads. The Chechen Parliament appealed to the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev with an offer to resume from July 6, 2020 the work on coordinate description of the location of the boundary between the two republics.

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