Expert: Hope herd immunity from COVID-19 did not materialize

the acquisition Price of mass immunity against coronavirus infection is too high: this is shown by the example of countries that have not introduced serious quarantine measures. At the same time, in regions where such measures have been taken, herd immunity today is not formed. About said Dr. Anna Glukhov from Israel.

the Ministry of health of Israel for some time serology — tests for antibodies. Dr. Glukhov said that the tests taken from random people in different parts of the country, showed the failure of the assumption that “hundreds of thousands” of people had asymptomatic coronavirus, and we can develop mass immunity. “These hopes were not justified. All studies show that group not immune, the percentage infected is very small,” — said the expert.

“by the Way, there are countries which tried to go this route. Sweden, England. But they realized that to acquire a mass immunity against coronavirus, without incurring a huge loss of life, it is impossible. It’s too a serious illness with high mortality,” explained the doctor.

She told about the latest survey data of the virus. So exaggerated were the fears about transmitting the virus to the surfaces. “The most common way — airborne. Yes, if the patient sneezed and then touched the handrails, and you won’t die from it and rubbed his eyes you can become infected, but this can be avoided by simple hygiene rules,” — said the doctor. In this regard, she drew attention to the necessity of wearing masks.

as for the risks of re-infection, physicians all over the world are inclined to believe that the people who allegedly contracted repeatedly, actually became victims of erroneous test results. However, the absolute confidence in it yet.

the Doctor has been unable to allay fears about the consequences of the disease COVID-19: just a few weeks ago in Israeli hospitals opened outpatient clinics for those who recovered and then began to experience various ailments. Expect the results of these checks can be only a few months.

the doctor pointed to the threat that will face the health systems of different countries this winter: “If we do not take precautions, the situation can be severe. You probably remember how many people with the flu come in the winter in the hospital in serious condition. This winter we will have to wait for the same thing, only much worse. All hospitals have long been preparing for the winter, but even if we do find many additional berths, the number of doctors and nurses in hospitals, little will change. And treatment from the coronavirus there. Therefore, we can save only a precaution.”

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