Expert: Lack of large families with housing — system problem

At the press center “Rosbalta” held a press-conference devoted to the housing of large families in Russia. The participants discussed the housing problems of large families and possible ways of their solution.

Alexei Chizhov, a family man from St. Petersburg, told the story of his family. Chyzowych family in which five children (four of them minors), lives in apartment of 39 square meters. Especially hard, stressed Alex, while distance learning, where all children learn at the same time in the same room. The father identified three main challenges that I faced personally when trying to obtain housing, allotted by law.

“first, there is no proper information. The lack of interest in bringing information led to the fact that we immediately got in line with the emergencies Ministry, where my wife works. Secondly, in my opinion, all work against children. No system calculation according to priority and number of children. The longer you stand, the less children waiting for, because after 18 years they are removed from the queue”, — said Chizhov.

the Oldest of the minor children Chyzowych already turned 16 years, and two years later it can be removed from the queue. Although, says the head of the family Chyzowych, and after coming of age children, as a rule, during his studies continue to live with parents, although subsidies are terminated.

in addition, Chiavi faced with a conviction for failure from inappropriate proposals. After numerous appeals to the different structures in a large family offered housing. However Chigova had to reject this option, as the length of service of spouse of 18 years, and two years later, when retirement apartment would be released. Besides, said Alex, now the wife’s going to retire for health reasons and, therefore, would have to release a service apartment before.

Maria Arkhipova, the chair of the Association of Russian lawyers for the rights of the browcentury believes that the problem faced by Cizova, and is not an isolated system. Even though the case is under parliamentary control, the problem is still not solved.

“Financial burden on large families really are serious — according to statistics, 52,2% of large families live below the poverty line. The Federal government understand that we need to support a large family, but not always what is stated,” — says Arkhipov.

the Expert noted that one of the main reasons for this situation is the lack of a unified Federal list of large families. To help and control the situation to become more effective, you need to monitor, be aware of the number of needy and then to solve problems at the expense of Federal and regional security.

“Now it turns out that if to sum up, in the queue for housing large families are on average 5-10 years. Of course, it all depends on the regions. For example, in Moscow and Belgorod region, large families are much less likely to face a long wait, while families from other regions less fortunate,” says Arioka.

the participants of the conference noted that in addition to the lack of help from the authorities, large families often face stigmatization. Many people believe that the state is not obliged to help families who made the choice to have many children. According to speakers, such statements are not substantiated.

“Russia is a social state. We need to think about the children. Education is a complex process from different points of view, and the need to align opportunities and living conditions that the load on large and small families were the same,” said Wheeler.

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