Expert: lots of mosquitoes in Moscow can have a positive impact on populations of birds

the capital increase populations of birds. This contributes to climate warming and the increase in the number of mosquitoes in Moscow, said the head of the project “Arnicare” in the Park “Sokolniki” Vadim Mishin.

According to him, small birds gladly eat, eat mosquitoes. Mishin explained that “the presence of mosquitoes necessary for the survival of a number of animals, including birds”.

the Expert also noted that “the birds have now still has great value and climate”. “In the middle zone of the summer has become much longer. This is fundamentally important, as it gives the opportunity to the birds to bring another generation of Chicks, and two,” concluded the specialist, said the Agency “Moscow”.

Earlier, the entomologist has warned that mosquitoes in Moscow began to behave more aggressively, so as to fill the supply deficit that occurred they are due to the regime self-isolation.

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