Expert: Policies neglect the needs of Khabarovsk to anything good will not

the Protests without specific and achievable goals usually come to naught, but the situation in Khabarovsk has not confirmed the predictions. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the sociologist Maria Matskevich of the wounds.

She noticed Takako duration of mass actions not typical for the regions. “But in General we must recognize that, as residents of cities, generally know little about their country. Our expectations were not fulfilled, although many said that everything would come to naught, because without the organizational force of the protests usually do not continue”, — said the expert.

She compared the situation in Khabarovsk with meetings 2011-2013 and found common traits. “We know the experience of those performances that just protest without specific and enforceable requirements sooner or later ends. It is clear, for example, that the Governor Furgala no return. However, the question arises how all this will affect the way of building relationships between the center and the region. Most likely, no. The further policy of neglect of requests and needs of the regions to anything good will not, it is unique. However, we do not know in what place blows, in the far East or elsewhere,” — said Matskevich.

She added that will increase the demand for leadership and specific political programmes in the region. While closer to the election 2021 local and the Moscow elite are ready, says the sociologist.

Experts told the readers of “Rosbalt”, where, in their opinion, possible unrest amid protests in Khabarovsk. Read more in our material.

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