Expert: Russia lags behind foreign countries in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19

the Russian developers of a vaccine against novel coronavirus infections “little behind” in terms of foreign colleagues. So assess the situation, a senior researcher of the laboratory of genetic engineering pathogenic microorganisms research center of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Darya Egorova.

the online collection of scientific Council of RAS on new knowledge about the treatment COVID-19 Egorova said: this lag is explained, including the fact that Russian scientists have begun to create a vaccine later than the Chinese.

At the same time, reports “Interfax”, Yegorova indicated that there will be a “technological moment”. According to her, to go to the testing candidate vaccine, it is necessary to produce a batch of the drug. And it must be “some technology”, which can not only scale to “a certain number of potential antigen”, but to turn to the pharmaceutical industry. “Big acroparesthesias the story around that to make the drug preparation”, — concluded the expert.

At the same meeting virologist, Deputy head of the vaccine division of the American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of products and medicines (FDA, USA) Konstantin Chumakov said that in the world there are 17 vaccine against the coronavirus, which successfully passed a phase of pre-clinical trials and entered clinical trials in humans.

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