Expert: Russian vaccine against coronavirus can protect for more than two years

Russian vaccine against coronavirus can protect received it person from infection for a period of more than two years. As RIA “Novosti”, this assessment was voiced by the Director, National research centre (NRC) of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg.

According to Gunzburg, two doses of vaccine provides protective immunity for longer — at least two years and possibly longer. The doctor noted that to create such a vaccine was possible thanks to the joint experience of nits and medical establishments of the defense Ministry in the African Guinea on vaccines against Ebola virus.

in addition, Gunzburg said that mass vaccination of the population of Russia from the coronavirus will require the issuance of 70 million doses of the drug. According to him, steps are being taken to establish a process of scaling up production of the vaccine.

we will Remind, on June 18 in the Burdenko hospital began clinical testing of the vaccine created by NIC and the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, on 18 volunteers. Planned to be completed by the end of July.

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