Expert: Southeast Expressway will improve transport accessibility in the capital

Southeast Expressway as an infrastructure project aims to improve the accessibility of transport in Moscow, offering better connectivity areas. This was stated by the Chairman of noncommercial partnership “Gruzavtotrans” Mr Mityagin, Recalling that all infrastructure projects in varying degrees to improve accessibility in the city.

He recalled the Central ring, which is “unloaded city and gave the usual carriers and drivers to come and go in the city.”

the Expert expressed the view that Moscow needs to increase the number of transport junctions and bypass roads. “The more transport interchanges and bypass roads by Moscow to develop, the better,” said Mityagin.

Southeast Expressway, which will pass through 10 districts of the capital, will bring together 22 area with a population of 2.5 million people. Enter the Expressway will improve the traffic situation in the sector between the Entuziastov highway and the Warsaw highway.

Length UVH will be about 36 miles, 11 of which are existing roads. Chord will be one of four new through-roads in the capital.

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