Expert: Spread of coronavirus not depend on the season

the spread of the coronavirus accelerate a mass congestion of people in stadiums or in schools, and not seasonal fluctuations in the weather. This opinion was expressed by Skoltech Professor Georgy Bazykin, RIA “Novosti”.

According to the Professor, currently there is no information on seasonality of coronavirus and its dependence on the weather. Bazykin said that currently there are no fluctuations associated with weather conditions. In particular, in the USA the number of cases is growing, despite the summer weather, and in other countries, is reduced.

Bazykin said that the spread of the virus significantly affected by whether there are people in isolation or visiting crowded places.

the scientist Also said that at present, revealed no significant mutation of the coronavirus. According to Bazykina, “there is a weak signal that one of the mutations may increase the ability of the virus to be transmitted, but not more than 5%”. Other properties of the virus due to mutations is not changed.

Bazykin called it good news, noting that if a virus starts to evolve, it will be necessary to change the vaccine.

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