Expert: the crisis in the US gives the chance to Putin

the Crisis in the United States can take advantage of the Russian government. So says former adviser to Secretary of state, Director for Europe and Eurasia at the national security Council of the United States in 2001-2005, Matthew Bryza, the opinion he expressed in the program of the TV channel Espreso, excerpts quoted by the new York times.

“the United States is now faced with a triple crisis — economic, political and transatlantic. Including talking about the impact of the pandemic, the anti-racist protests that swept the country, and the tensions between the U.S. and China,” — said the expert. In his opinion, this situation “could,” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For example, the conflict between China and Washington gives the leader of Russia’s so-called “Golden share”, as the American President Donald trump he “plays”, the expert said, Recalling that the leader of the USA which now arranges and takes a meeting of the G7, recently invited Putin. “Trump is confused, and many of his moves contradict each other, and this is a huge opportunity for the President of Russia”, — said the expert.

including the ability to be aggressive with Ukraine, Bryza adds. He noted that this country was built into the current American business. After it was published recordings of conversations between Vice President Biden and Poroshenko, it became clear that the current crisis will hit in Kiev, said the expert.

Recall, the US takes the lead in a terrible rating for the number of infected (more than 2 million people) died of complications of coronavirus infection (more than 115 thousand). The country also torn by the protests that began on may 25 after the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota), who roughly detained by the police, as a result the man died in the hospital. According to estimates by the Associated Press, during the riots killed at least 11 people, the massacres are continuing.

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