Expert “What? Where? When?” Michael Skifskogo was accused of sexual harassment against minors. This was written in the micro-blogging network Twitter the journalist edition of the Bell Catherine Arenina.

the Reporter claims that Skipski have made her reprehensible actions when she was a schoolgirl, and he taught her geography. In particular, Arenina writes that Skipski tried to kiss her, “touched, called to his home” and drove to drink coffee after class.

At the same time Arenina admitted that at 18, she slept with Skeepskin during a chance meeting in tours, however, stressed that it has “no bearing” on what happened when she was 15.

In comments similar stories were shared and the wearer. Skifskogo also accused of “vulgar jokes” during class.

these messages are responded to another famous player of “What? Where? When?” Rovshan Askerov, who expressed their distrust of Artenay and said that “many people want to be promoted at the expense of Misha.” In an interview with radio station “Moscow FM” Askerov emphasized that Skipski popular player and two-time winner of the “Crystal owl”. Recall that in mid-July in the Russian-speaking Twitter women began to write about abuse and abuse by men. Basically, the charges have affected former or current members of the media.

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