Experts: a Daily shower is the plague of XXI century

Regular, no less than twice per day, wash, — more negative side of the use of such creature comforts as running water and Central water supply. This is with reference to experts warns the website of MAXIM magazine. The pursuit of purity can deprive people of beneficial microbes living in their body, in particular on the skin.

the inhabitants of the cities and do not realize that “abuse” the shower has become, in fact, a real plague of the XXI century, the journalist writes. Frequent washing leads to depletion of the microbiome, that is, bacteria, fungi and viruses that inhabit the body. “Without them, the immune system, digestion and the heart ceased to perform its functions”, — quotes the author of the article insights from the work of American gastroenterologists.

the Problem is a bad smell that starts to emit unwashed body, reversible, continues agitating for home bathing “as needed” MAXIM. So, journalist the Health George Hamblin refused to shower for a month and empirically found that after a week of “microbiome reconstructed in such a way that his sweat ceased to stink to others.”

How does this “antisterility” Paphos, demanding careful hand-washing in the “age” of coronavirus provided to the reader to decide.

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