Experts calculated the best city in Russia

Saint Petersburg was ranked first in the rating “Best regions for life”, developed by the Agency “National credit ratings” by the order of RBC. In second place was Moscow, the third — Belgorod oblast. The rating is created on the basis of data of Rosstat, Federal tax service and Bank of Russia collected prior to the start of the pandemic.

Northern capital scored big points on a number of indicators: level of consumer activity in the region, the ability of households to service the loans, the level of formal employment and savings, the security of the region’s sports and cultural facilities, housing, teachers and doctors, the availability of housing for the population. Consideration was also given climatic zone.

RBC Experts say that life in Moscow and St. Petersburg are similar from the point of view of consumption and savings, white income and material support of the social sphere. However, the Northern capital passes Moscow on the housing and teachers. Thus, the number of good people in educational institutions to overtake Moscow managed more than twice.

the rating also shows that Moscow seriously loses to Petersburg in terms of housing in the capital, it was 4 times lower. But even better is the situation with the housing situation in the Belgorod region — it has overtaken Petersburg 2 times. With regard to housing affordability is the ratio of the average wage and the average price per square meter — Petersburg and Moscow received here the lowest scores, despite the relatively high salaries.

Win the Northern capital also allowed a good level of formal employment and savings of the population according to these parameters, it earned the highest scores.

In the outsiders of the rankings of the Republic of Tuva, Karachay-Cherkessia, Altai, the Jewish Autonomous region, Kalmykia, Ingushetia and Khakassia.

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