Experts calculated the share of Russians who have remained without saving in a crisis because of the pandemic

In Russia because of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, 8% of people spent all their savings. According to RBC, this is stated in the report of the Bank of Russia. According to the document, the company “Intel” by order of Bank of Russia conducted a telephone survey. He held 6-12 of July. According to the results of the study revealed that in July the share of respondents, who had to spend savings, reached a maximum level of 32%. While a quarter of them spent the entire “safety cushion”. As recognized by 38% of respondents, they did not have savings. Taking into account those who have spent all savings for the period of the pandemic, the proportion of the remaining savings achieved 46%. Only 22-25% of the respondents have savings, which would be enough for at least three month of loss of income. We will remind that in II quarter the country reported a record drop in real incomes. According to Rosstat, in three months, which was the peak of the pandemic COVID-19, this figure decreased by 8%, which was the highest figure since 1999.

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