Experts have counted in the world of more than 9 million infected with the coronavirus

Institute of Johns Hopkins, working in the United States, updated global statistics on cases of coronavirus. Today, according to him, was sick 9 million 3 thousand 42. Of that number died 469 thousand 122 people.

Most cases are reported be in the United States – nearly 2.3 million In the second and third places in Brazil with nearly 1.1 million infected and Russia was 591.4 thousand

The world health organization details below – 8.8 million patients.

the head of the organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus said today that because of the pandemic, basic health services were not fully. This situation, according to him, has developed in more than half of the 82 countries included in the survey who.

the Ghebreyesus said that we are talking about immunization, diagnosis of cancer, patients with mental disorders, dental care, care for pregnant women, etc.

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