Experts have recorded a drop in wages in half of working Russians

In the period from March to may 2020, a fall in wages occurred in sectors which account for almost 75% of employment in the economy, while income decreased in half of workers, including 20% income fell by more than 30%. According to RBC, this is stated in the report of the laboratory experts “Cerdanya” savings. So, on average for March—may 2020 the amount of the wage Fund (PAYROLL) decreased by 4% compared to the trend of 2020. However, in March salaries showed a slight increase of 1.7% relative to trend. In April salaries decreased by 6%, and in may they fell by 7.6%. According to experts, the volume of the PH began to recover after the opening of the economy in June. Completely lost income 2.5% of those who worked in the early years, unemployment has already received 6% of them. As noted by the experts, the most acute crisis has affected the trade, hotel business, restaurants, activities, events, services. Despite the fact that due to the payment of teachers and doctors in the public sector for health and education, the situation even improved, in a private situation skladyvaetsja different: healthcare and education were among the most affected sectors. The report stated that the decline in wages is not a problem mainly for small businesses. “This is a problem of industries, and not the size of the company,” — said in the report. Analysts specify that during the quarantine payroll accrual more fell from large and medium businesses, not small and micro business. In may of the largest companies in the reduction of PH was only slightly less than that of large and medium, the researchers found.

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