Experts said that instead of meat put growers in a stew

“Social control” to check the quality of corned beef that is sold in the stores of St. Petersburg. Of the ten samples purchased eight were false. Geography unscrupulous manufacturers wide. Among the manufacturers producing counterfeit, are enterprises of the Novgorod, Kaliningrad, Kurgan, Ryazan and Orel regions and the Republic of Mari El and St. Petersburg.

in Nearly all samples that have been rejected by experts, the mass fraction of the protein appeared to be significantly undervalued.

“a Protein is very important in human nutrition, he is involved in many processes in our body, and occupies a Central place in metabolism. From the protein depends on the normal functioning of our immune, endocrine and nervous systems. Its deficiency can have serious consequences, not coincidentally, the amount of protein consumed, we define the quality of human nutrition.

Among the major violations, the experts also called excessive amount of fat in the product and use soy instead of meat.

“to increase profits, unscrupulous manufacturers like to substitute for raw meat, vegetable such as soy protein,” — said experts.

in addition, the composition of the stew experts have found carrageenan — herbal Supplement carbohydrate nature, which is used in low-grade canned food as a thickener. As told in “Public control” carrageenan (Е407) used in the production of meat products to retain moisture and reduce the cost of production.

the experts Also noted that the consistency of the canned food is not like a stew.

“After the extracted contents of the jar, the pieces must be easily separated from each other. According to the GOST, they should be no less than 30 grams, crushed or minced in such canned not allowed. If stew meat retains the shape of the can, pressed into the form of washers, it is likely that the manufacturer usedal thickener, and not necessarily of vegetable origin”, — told in the testing laboratory.

one of the samples, the experts found connective tissue and offal. This, in their opinion, shows the willingness of the manufacturer to save money.

“to save money, manufacturers use for the production of canned food cheap trimmings with a low meat content and high percentage of fat. In this raw a lot of connective tissue, it secretes collagen, which makes the cooled broth in jelly. When these tissues in raw materials too much, the stew and after heating, may partially remain in a gelatinous state,” — said the expert.

In “Public control” told what to pay attention when buying canned meat. The organization noted that it is better to choose a product Packed in a glass jar — then it can well be considered. You should also pay attention to the condition of the banks — it should be clean, without stains, and the cover be free of any signs of rust, damage and deterioration. Inside the banks, made according to GOST, must be meat pieces of arbitrary shape weighing not less than 30 g, without coarse connective tissue, large blood vessels and lymph nodes, Bay leaf and pepper.

“the Contents of the can should not have odors. The meat should be juicy, without foreign tastes. When heated, the color of the broth from yellow to light brown with the presence of suspended protein matter in the form of flakes,” — said in “Public control”.

the organization has tested the quality of milk and found that half of the samples do not meet the mandatory requirements for various physico-chemical parameters.

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