Experts told how not to grow old before their time

Aging is an irreversible process, however slow it can be. So say experts quoted by Cursorinfo.

They recommend to follow a few rules. One of them is to give up Smoking, including passive, and not to go out with colleagues on “smoke breaks” to keep the conversation going. Tobacco smoke contains more than 3,800 harmful chemicals that adversely affect the skin, experts explain.

They also suggest not to use straws in drinks, because the movement of the facial muscles when using straws accelerates the formation of wrinkles and nasolabial folds. It is equally important to reduce exposure to the sun because it accelerates the aging of skin cells. You should also use a sunscreen for the face.

One of the main rules that slow down aging, experts believe maintaining a positive attitude. They believe that depressed state, especially if it lasts a long time, invariably affects the brain cells and brings his aging.

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