Experts told, what surprised them from the Russian ice cream shops

With the arrival of warm weather, the attention of specialists of “Social control” has attracted ice cream. Experts purchased stores in St. Petersburg ten samples to check the quality of the product, and was extremely surprised. Such a result they had not received for two decades.

“All nine samples of ice cream and one sample of ice-cream has been recognized not only completely safe in terms of microbiological indicators, but is made from raw milk! For the first twenty years of research of this popular dessert, which holds a “Public control”, this time it was not revealed any falsification, even in the products of those manufacturers who repeatedly “caught” in past years”, — told in organizations.

Among the samples sent to the lab to check, turned out to be ice cream, produced at the enterprises of various regions of Karelia, Novosibirsk, Petersburg, Leningrad, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regions, and also Byelorussia.

the company noted that successfully passed the examination of samples of ice cream of different price categories: from 24.99 to RUB 65,82 per serving.

Experts told the thing to look for when buying ice cream in the store.

“ice-cream Packaging needs to be airtight, the product must “keep in shape”. Re-frozen product you can recognize if it is in transparent packaging: ice cream will be laminated, with crystals of ice, its volume will decrease. Deformation of ice cream at least it will spoil the taste. In addition,

failure to comply with the storage conditions may lead to proliferation of pathogens: ice cream for them — a perfect breeding ground. Remember that ice cream should be stored in a freezer counter at a temperature not higher than minus 18°C. If the temperature on the thermometer is higher and the production time is about to end, this ice cream better ne to buy it”, — emphasized in “Public control”.

For those watching their waistlines, experts added that 100 g of ice cream contains about 300 calories and up to 15.5% sugar. Most ice cream is high in calories, which can be up to 20% fat or more. Most “diet” should be called dairy ice cream, where the fat mass fraction does not exceed 7.5%. In the middle is a creamy ice cream with a mass fraction of fat of 8% to 11.5%.

Informed about how to choose the right ice cream, also told the CPS.

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