LE FIGARO. – In The Mystery of Henri Pick , which comes out tomorrow in the cinema, you play as a presenter of literary program. Is this a role that you would be able to hold in reality?

Fabrice LUCHINI. – Never in life. It is necessary to find each week a new source of enthusiasm and I am unable to get carried away too often. The great books are rare, nature is not so generous. Criticism of novels every week goes to make believe the public that they are something necessary. Gold that is what is necessary in literature? If you have read Proust, for his observation of the behavior of a socialite, his antics silly, the great Russian writers, two or three other, Celine, Cervantes, it is already good. I’m afraid I don’t share the vision of the world, according to which each individual is potentially a genius creator.

What kind of literature meeting your favors?

The literature of the wicked. It is through the reading of Jean Cau, …

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