Keep a consistent policy of combating poverty in modern Russia urged the leaders of the Moscow branch of the party “Fair Russia”. About the initiatives of the party set forth in the “How to overcome poverty in Russia”, head of “CP” gave Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, they said in the Moscow press center “Rosbalta”. Among the key proposals is a progressive income tax rate and tight control over incomes of officials.

According to the participants of the press conference in Russia today, more than 23 million people live below the poverty line, and because of the epidemic of the coronavirus that number will increase to 30 million Among large families of about 60%. More than 70% of working Russians are employed less than four minimum wages (the minimum wage in average in the RF — 12 130 rubles). According to the above data, housing poverty — a situation where one person in a family has less than 6 square meters or no heating or sanitation — up to 40%, and the Gini coefficient — the degree of deviation of income distribution from equality — is approaching an unprecedented level of 90%.

As told the President of the Council of regional branch “Fair Russia” in the Moscow region, Deputy Chairman of Moscow regional Duma Igor Chistyukhin, party earlier opposed raising value-added tax, the introduction of fees for capital repairs, charges for removal of garbage with the square meters of housing. For its part, the party needs to introduce a progressive scale of income tax, set the basket in 31 800 rubles per person per month and to apply the principle of the presumption of guilt to the officials and officers of the law, owning luxurious property.

Enter the highest taxes are not on the official salary, and the “over-consumption”, urged the Deputy of Council of deputies of city district Dolgoprudny party «Fair Russia” Boris Nadezhdin. “No matter what the salary, he said. — But if you have a property for millions of dollars should pay more taxes”. Nadezhdin emphasized the necessity of avoiding raw model of the economy, “new targets of the Central Bank: to serve as a facilitating body by lending” and “reasonable protectionism”.

the First Deputy Secretary General of the Union of trade unions of Russia, Secretary of Bureau of regional branch “Fair Russia” in the Moscow region Oleg Volkov called for the creation of a real trade unions. “Trade unions should be structured to make the democracy of the capital, — said Volkov. — And now they have torn all the legs and wings”.

Guests were strongly opposed to the recent innovations in the electoral system of the Russian Federation, such as multi-day voting, as well as “away and home”. They noted that the country “is curtailing Institute direct elections”.