the Representative of St. Petersburg spravedlivorossov in municipal electoral Committee Ekaterina Fesik believes that a “local” vote was illegitimate. In her opinion, should recognize the results of the citizens in St. Petersburg is invalid.

According to the politician, during the voting on the local area was not effectively observed.

“Respect for law and order local voting was solely by the goodwill of members of the commissions conducting the procedure. In such circumstances, the suppression of possible illegal acts of unscrupulous members of election commissions is almost impossible” — sure Fesik.

Recall that a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution started June 25 and lasted for a week. To Express their opinion was not only in the polling — contactless at home, remotely and on location through the mechanism of “Mobile voter,” as well as for special items, which was located in adjoining areas.

the lack of control over the process many people have said, including the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky. “On the streets, in yards, in barns, on benches, on the footpath, in the trunks of cars, in the back “Gazelle” — list is open and being updated all the time. Form of vote — almost any. Control no. Conditions for fraud — almost perfect,” he said.

According to official data of the CEC, the majority of Russians supported the changes proposed to make the Constitution of the country. In St. Petersburg the amendment was supported by over 77%.

on the Eve of the St. Petersburg protests against the amendments. Independent polls, which took place at the exit from polling stations were svidetelstvovat that over 60% of citizens do not agree with the proposed amendments of the basic law of the countriess.

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