“awe-inspiring”, “spectacular”, the adjectives were not at the output of the Seine Musical Friday evening to describe the concert Mathieu Chedid – M, her stage name. For its second-to-last evening in the hall of Boulogne-Billancourt, the singer of 47 years, which ends soon touring his Letter Infinite , has not skimped on the means.

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3D glasses, representing the letter M have been distributed to the public at the entrance. This is the same as the lead singer of a 47-year-old sports for years. The concert starts around 20: 30 with a video of the artist broadcast on the big screen of the stage. The spectators, heterogeneous, are the angels. A single watchword for this show is intimate: sharing. Each is an integral part of the show.

Of the battery with the feet

Matthew made his entrance under a deluge of applause. He is dressed in a simple white vest and carries an acoustic guitar. He sings Mama Sam , that the public takes over the choir. After a few songs, he vanishes, leaving his alter ego… To his return, this is no longer the same man. The singer has put on her wig golden brown, he calls himself “the guinea fowl”, and a long striped jacket. Behind him, a large screen in the form of M anime. Images parade to the rhythm of the music. Matthieu Chedid has left the place to Mr.

It is left for two hours of concert in which he will meet the crazy challenge of entertaining the audience while being alone on stage. Thanks to a suitable instrument that he handles with his feet, he makes the battery at the same time strumming his six-string (acoustic and electric). No musician accompanies it: a first in his entire career! Well, almost, since it is surrounded by Roxi and Tom, Glen and Putsi. Automata, piano and synthesizer, which will help us to keep up the pace.

“do You realize that M was already a little over 20 years ago?”, noted the singer to his audience, then an assistant, and he brings his famous guitar pink. It was then that he invited on stage his daughter Billie, 17-year-old. Together, they interpret Billie, title of his latest album, dedicated to his offspring. The young woman with the gentle voice accompanies her father on this lovely ride.

Shortly after, M is joined by his sister, Nach. The two artists are on a piano movement in the middle of the pit. The artist wants to be closer to his fans, both literally and figuratively. They interpret The star , accompanied by the artificial lights of the smartphones. He then sings Loïca , a song written for the mother of his second child, was in the room Friday night.

Between two guitar solos, M exchange jacket – sequined blue and yellow or white with leds on the neck, and puts on a pair of glasses, still more eccentric and… It invites the audience to sing with him and to participate in the concert. They interpret them all in a chorus, the chorus of Mojo after being unleashed on a Great little body . Followed by security, M dashes into the pit. Plays in the middle of the public. Iterates through the entire room, a go pro on his guitar.

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He thanked the audience “the most fantastic” in its first four concerts in the Seine river Musical. “I have a special guest for you this evening”, lance-t-it, then, that the end of his show approach. Oxmo Puccino on the scene to sing with his friend Bal Bamako . The singers are accompanied by the crowd, who are invited to climb on the platform to dance. The curtain is down.

Matthieu Chedid reappears, dressed in his simple white jacket in the beginning. It plays Superchérie one last time with the help of his acoustic guitar. The audience is the chorus. And then the curtain falls. The troupe of the tour appears, all the little hands that helped M to stand alone on stage. “A great little concert” – high volume