Alexandre has parents who were not happy to be divorced, hate each other cordially. Except that he loves both of them and dreamed that they were there to celebrate with him his 30 years. He would even like that they are both the witnesses of his marriage. That is to say. A funny marriage, moreover, seen that the bride-to-be… But that’s another story…

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So Alexander, when the room starts, just to achieve the delicate first stage of its project family: the meet. But at what cost… To verify by going to the Théâtre Edgar! The small comedy of Joseph Gallet and Pascal Rock could be funny again but, nevertheless, she lets him see.

One can a surprise ending that completely changes and the form and substance of the piece, but the consistency of drama not being visibly not the problem of the authors, it is difficult to blame them. The idea of our scribouillards, in effect, being fair to reach décoincer the cheekbones of the audience. Despite the lack of characters really built, the actors manage to do yet.

It is true that there is Carole Massana in the distribution. A tornado than this woman. His two partners in registers more efficient, serve the soup with pleasure. Of the theatre, as it is said, that does not take the head for two as. Or, indeed, for 10, or even for 25 €!

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