A month after the murder of this child, everyone will walk from 4:00 p.m. for several hundred meters in the 19th arrondissement, stopping in front of 119 rue Manin, the residence where Lola lived with her family and where she was murdered after returning from school.

The procession will continue on its way to the 19th century town hall, in front of which Lola’s parents will say a few words, as they indicated in a press release on Tuesday.

“This tribute desired by students, parents and residents will be an opportunity to show Lola’s family that we are united by their side”, can we read on sober posters written by parents of college students Georges-Brassens where the teenager was educated and displayed on the windows of the surrounding shops.

At 119 rue Manin, there are no more flowers or stuffed animals. Only a small pink mosaic representing Lola’s face and affixed to a high wall forever honors the memory of the young girl, buried on October 24 in Lilles (Pas-de-Calais).

The procession will gather at this place with music.

Then, the tribute, which the parents do not wish to call “white march”, will continue to the town hall.

“We hope that this tribute will take place in serenity and calm far from political and media agitation, and that those who will come to provide their support will do so in a personal capacity without official scarves or any particular sign of belonging to any political organization. let him be,” Lola’s parents insisted.

They again asked “expressly to the media or individuals to keep the necessary distance so that this tribute is worthy and up to our pain and the shock suffered by Lola’s comrades”.

“We will be present at this tribute and we will speak publicly when the march arrives at the town hall of the 19th arrondissement, but we will not respond to interview requests,” they added.

A few days after the discovery of his body, hundreds of people gathered in Paris around Éric Zemmour, while RN deputies observed a minute of silence.

The family have repeatedly demanded that “their child’s name and likeness cease to be used for political purposes”.

Lola was assaulted, asphyxiated and found on October 14 in a trunk. The suspect, Dahbia B., was indicted for murder and aggravated rape and then remanded in custody.

This Algerian was under an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF), which aroused virulent criticism on the right and the far right.