“Family Planning is a historic association essential for women’s rights and access to contraception and abortion. I fully support its action,” said Ms. Rome, in her words sent to AFP. .

“Let’s not let the far right stir up hatred by instrumentalizing a communication campaign which I can understand does not achieve consensus,” she adds.

The Minister refers to a Family Planning poster bearing the slogan “In Planning, men can also be pregnant”. A drawing represents a transgender man (that is to say, born biologically female and whose gender identity is male) during his pregnancy.

This message was strongly criticized on social networks, in particular by right-wing or far-right voices. MP RN Laure Lavalette thus castigated “archi-subsidized activists who only seek to spread their grotesque and false ideology”, while Laurence Trochu (Reconquest!) denounced the “doctrines” of the association. “We don’t want it,” she wrote on Twitter, along with the hashtag “

Denouncing “drifts” which “must stop”, the deputy (LR) Fabien Di Filippo estimated for his part that Family Planning “is moving away from science to pour into the most questionable ideological activism”.

In response, the feminist association denounced in a press release a “smear campaign on the back of gender minorities” and indicated that it was considering possible legal action against the “instigators of hatred, who are sometimes elected representatives of the Republic”.

On the merits, Family Planning stressed that it practiced an “unconditional” welcome. Some trans people “seek advice for contraception, abortion, medical follow-up for their transition”, and “it is up to us to make them feel welcome”, he added.