Famous Ukrainian boxer Stud decided to stop playing

Ukrainian ex-world champion under version WBC light heavyweight Alexander Gvozdik announced the completion of a Boxing career, reports “Tribuna”.

According to his Manager Spartan king Klimas, Cloves difficult to do business and fight.

Alexander Gvozdik became the bronze medalist of the 2012 Olympics, in 2018, world champion WBC light heavyweight champion. After a year lost the title in the unification bout for the WBC and IBF Russian Arthur Beterbieva. Despite claims to the Carnation of a rematch, this match was the last in his record.

Note that the 33-year-old native of Kharkov spoke on the theme of Russian-Ukrainian confrontation not from the standpoint of the “radical patriots”. For example, he said that “all foisted upon people to distract them from the main issues”. “Plus the war is also a profitable business,” said Nail.

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