It comes out of the past, thanks to the re-release in restored version digital of The Family Ettore Scola (1987). And it is also in the news with new films and rendez-vous theatre with Marguerite Duras. Fanny Ardant has always been the art of combining the passion and the fugue, the intense and ephemeral.

LE FIGARO. – You tell us when the release of The Family , in 1987: “The family, it is the time. You can’t be against the family, no more than we can be against age, or against death. These are the data of human existence.” You would still, 30 years later, the family changed a lot?

Fanny ARDANT. – In fact, Ettore Scola discusses the importance of the family relationship of any kind. It could be a family “papa, mama, the maid and I”, or in any shape or form, but there is always this link. The characters are almost archetypes. This small society, the family is a place of passions …

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