fans Of the Beatles gathered on Thursday near the recording studios in london to Abbey Road to mark the 50th anniversary of the group photo to illustrate his last studio album, “Abbey Road”, which became one of the pockets of the most famous in the history of music.

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The photo of the legendary “Fab Four” shows the four members of the group to cross a pedestrian crossing in front of the studios at Abbey Road. John Lennon leads the way, followed by Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, barefoot and George Harrison. The idea had germinated first in the mind of McCartney, who had first sketched the little people simplistic on a pedestrian crossing.

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The picture was taken around 11: 35 am on August 8, 1969 by photographer scottish Iain Macmillan. This time of day was chosen to avoid the fans, who knew that the group would arrive generally at the studio in the middle of the afternoon to save. Perched on a stool in the street, where traffic had been stopped by a police officer, Macmillan took six pictures, of which only the fifth has been used: one where the four Beatles are walking in unison. The photo session lasted only ten minutes. The recording of the album was completed twelve days later, on 20 August. It was released on 26 September 1969, six days after John Lennon had told his partners that he was leaving the band.

This is the last studio album of the Beatles, although it precedes the release of ‘Let It Be’, recorded before, and it was conducted in an atmosphere more joyful. There are the songs “Something”, “Here Comes The Sun”, “Octopus”s Garden” and “Come Together”, as well as the famous medley that loops the album, a sequence of songs sometimes unfinished. Unusually, the name of the Beatles is not on the cover.

The pouch has also fuelled a conspiracy theory claiming that Paul McCartney was in fact deceased (“Paul is Dead”), and it was replaced by a lookalike. The evidence, according to the supporters of this theory? He holds a cigarette in his right hand while he is left-handed. They were also hidden messages in the fact that he is walking barefoot and one not that the other members of the group.

The studios at Abbey Road are located in the upscale area and residential St. John’s Wood, in north-west London. They were created in 1931 in a large house of the Nineteenth century. They were initially dedicated to the recording of classical music before turning to jazz and rock. No less than 190 of the 210 Beatles songs have been recorded, and the london house Paul McCartney is a stone’s throw. The place draws from Beatles fans around the world, which often replicate the famous photo on the pedestrian crossing. The latter is also filmed in real time by a camera whose images are disseminated on the website of the studios. The pedestrian crossing is classified as historical monuments for england since 2010.

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