Fifty years later the new photo of Abbey road . The photo shows the four musicians crossing a pedestrian crossing in front of the recording studios at Abbey Road. John Lennon leads the way, followed by Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, barefoot and George Harrison. On Thursday, fans of the “Fab Four”, sometimes disguised as the Beatles or singing the classics of the british group, have borrowed, in their turn, this road has become mythical

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This place is a “sanctuary,” said Mary Anne Laffin, age 66, came specially from New York for the occasion. “It’s amazing to see all the people who love them, and see how much they were important for the world,” she said. Tony Bramwell, who worked in public relations at the time, was holding the stepladder in the original version of the template. Fifty after, he was keen to return to Abbey Road. “They needed a photo for the cover of the album and Paul had a vague idea of what it should be,” he told AFP. “This photo is an icon, just like the album”, he estimated. The pedestrian crossing is classified as historical monuments for england since 2010. “In 50 years, there will always be people who will come here” to pay tribute to the Beatles, predicts Chris Barnett, a fan of 63 years to the AFP. “They have changed the music forever. They sang about love and peace”


the idea of the cover was conceived originally in the mind of Paul McCartney, who had first sketched the little people simplistic on a pedestrian crossing. The moment was immortalized to 11: 35 am on August 8, 1969 by photographer scottish Iain Macmillan. The hour had been chosen to avoid the fans, who knew that the group would arrive generally at the studio in the middle of the afternoon to save. Perched on a stool in the street, where traffic had been stopped by a police officer, the photographer took six shots, of which only the fifth has been used: one where the four Beatles are walking in unison. The photo session lasted in all for about ten minutes.

Photo of the legendary album of the Beatles “Abbey Road” Calderstone

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the recording of The album was completed twelve days later, on 20 August. It was released on 26 September 1969, six days after John Lennon had told his partners that he was leaving the band. It is the last studio album of the Beatles, although it precedes the release of ‘Let It Be’, recorded before. Many of the songs of legendary group will be found there as Something, Here Comes The Sun, Octopus”s Garden and Come Together , as well as the famous medley that loops the album, a sequence of songs sometimes unfinished. Unusually, the name of the Beatles is not on the cover. But what makes the particularity of the disc recorded in the studio is the strange theory that surrounds it. A conspiracy theory that still persists today claims that Paul McCartney was in fact deceased (“Paul is Dead”) and has been replaced by a lookalike. The evidence, according to the supporters of this theory? He holds a cigarette in his right hand while he is left-handed. They were also hidden messages in the fact that he is walking barefoot and one not that the other members of the group. The irony of the story is that Paul, with Ringo Starr, the only Beatles still living.