“I’m watching you sleep. I am with you, to your bedside. You’re wearing a long tunic of black and red, embroidered on the bodice”

Alain Delon

may 29, 1982, Romy Schneider makes his last breath. His heart has not survived the amount of alcohol and barbiturates that she has ingested. His companion, the producer, Laurent Pétin, discovers helplessly, his body unmoving. Alain Delon joined him. Romy and him have lived a romance in a crushing, when they were twenty years ago. In the biography A long night of silence (ed Fayard), the journalist Sarah Briand transcribed the letter that the Tancred of the Cheetah, collapsed, felt the need to write, a few moments after his death, at 43 years old.

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“I’m watching you sleep, begins Alain Delon at the address of his “dear Romy”. I am with you, to your bedside. You’re wearing a long tunic of black and red, embroidered on the bodice. These are flowers, I think, but I do not look at them. I say goodbye to you, the longer the farewell, my puppelée. This is what I called it. It meant “little doll” in German.”

“Romy is not a party by chance in 1982, î he told the The illustrated in may of last year. For him, this is no doubt, “she is dead because she has never supported the atrocious ending of David, his son.” The summer of 1981, in trying to penetrate the property of his grandparents in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the teen slips on the metal spikes of the grid. His femoral artery is affected. If he manages to crawl up to the house and take her to the hospital, the efforts of the surgeon are unsuccessful to save his life. The boy dies. He is 14 years old. The beautiful Helen of life would never recover. Not that she will succeed to overcome the attitude of the paparazzi who griment in nursing to enter the child’s room and steal shots.

Despite the years and remarriages, Alain Delon has never forgotten Romy Schneider. Last September, the legend of the cinema has moved to the service book of the day of the Figaro to pay tribute to his former fiancée. Most recently, he celebrated his memory in front of an audience of celebrities at the Cannes film festival. Alain Delon received an honorary palme d’or for his huge career. The actor was 83-year-old has just unveiled a new song of love. And who knows if he didn’t, still, always, his “little doll” when it blows I love you ?

I love you Alain Delon