special envoy to Angouleme

“The mode and the comic combine in a thousand ways: the design, the innovation, the influence they have on society, the aura of mystery that surrounds them, their variety, their side provocative, always slightly marginal, rock and alternative,” writes Frédéric Mitterrand in the preamble of the little book, which acts as the catalogue to this exhibition, full of style.

” READ – Locked-me if you can, when art and madness in perfect harmony

Rich 200 parts, the event is organized by the museum of comics in Angoulême, remember this close bond that unites the two universes. Original boards, accessories or dresses of famous designers, which capture the inventiveness of the biggest names of the ninth art that has nourished outfits wonderful fashion, to sketch out his characters, so much the worse if the expression is hackneyed, high in colors.

Unlike our heroes iconic, such as Tintin , Snipe, Corto Maltese, or …

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