Won’t we work in Hermès next year? “If, on the contrary, from the beach. It’s a subliminal message,” laughs Véronique Nichanian, artistic director of men’s collections at Hermès, told AFP behind the scenes at the show.

The parade took place outside in the courtyard of the Gobelins factory, around a lemon yellow canvas that escaped from the building, a presentation imagined by the contemporary director Cyril Teste, who had collaborated with Véronique Nichanian for several virtual and physical presentations.

Shorts are worn with shirt jackets, windbreakers are ultra-light, shapes are shorter, rounder, some pants are carrot.

The colors are sometimes bleached, made pastel by the reflection of light.

The lobster and seahorse prints play down this wardrobe even more.

“Inspirations are lightness, comfort, fun, pop colors”, underlines the designer.

“I wanted to talk about vacations, being on the Riviera rather than in town”.

One of the few women to make men’s fashion, Véronique Nichanian’s mission is to make men attractive by offering them less rigid colors and shapes.

“They are less and less. Thank God, men assume their personality, free themselves, they have understood that one can be as attractive and serious when one is dressed in a more relaxed way than before”, underlines- she.

“I take a tender look at men, without judgement, without the notion of value, of fantasy like some male creators may have about the feminine,” she concludes.