Me Sylvie Noachovitch confirmed to AFP her intention to file a complaint on behalf of the family, announced on RTL.

“The family will file a complaint today (Wednesday) against the driver on the count of manslaughter, because by refusing to comply when the passengers begged him to stop, he committed a deliberate violation of the rules of prudence and security and caused the death of this young girl,” she said.

Me Noachovitch clarified that Rayana, “without a criminal record, did not know the driver (…) They met in the nightclub”.

According to her, the driver “offered to bring back the three passengers (…) This man refused to comply twice. The police will shoot the second time, when this man again did not want to comply because ‘he ended up with the broken window, he was also robbed’.

Rayana “never approved of all of her leaks, each time she was yelling in the cabin of the car, like the other passengers, to get out of the car, and this man was not responding. He is primarily responsible for this death,” said the lawyer.

The family will also file a complaint against X targeting the police, “for intentional violence resulting in death without intention to give it and also manslaughter, because according to the version of several witnesses, there was no longer any danger to their lives. at the time of the shooting” of the police, added Me Noachovitch.

For the council, “self-defense cannot be invoked” by these officials.

“We do not understand why we fired six shots in front of the passenger, why she ended up with a bullet in the head, all of this should be explained with an autopsy”, she added, also referring to the existence of “videos” of the facts and of “witnesses” who would accredit faults attributable to the police.

The three police officers emerged free Tuesday from police custody, without legal proceedings at this stage. A judicial investigation was opened and entrusted to an investigating judge, to precisely trace the course of the facts.

The driver has been in custody since Tuesday.