A coup worthy of NLP! On 5 June, on his account Instagram, Nekfeu welcomes many bookings for his film. Screened the following day in a single session, The stars wandering tells the story of the singer of the end of his last tour to record a new album of the same name. And surprise, the rapper announces in the wake that the output of the drive is imminent. These 18 tracks that follow each other without interruption form can be one of the most important projects worked Nekfeu, both for the texts and for the production.

Those who were present in 150 cinemas in France have been able to discover the genesis of the album . to stay in Tokyo, where he records a large portion of the securities. Where the refrains in japanese Pixels , and the multiple references to the land of the rising sun album. A trip to Los Angeles for a tribute to hip-hop. Then to New Orleans, where his encounter with a percussionist and a trombonist will give its air jazz to dark Skies . A song in which the former member of the collective Entourage, and S-Crew shows a poetic inspiration intact: “One day there will be nothing left of those mouths that curse / Nothing of these horizons fuzzy yellow / nothing of our mothers of our sons of my disk / There will remain nothing of these volcanoes, which vomit.” With this title, it expresses, as throughout the album, a melancholy may be deeper than the one present in Quill , his success in 2016.

Some of its to break on his loneliness, a touch of sadness : “You lie in the sound, the street you track,/and I, in the background, I’m a rather peace or even utopian” ( The stars vaga bung ). The rapper has kept also the references to the manga, that he is “disappointed as San Goten” ( Koala wet ), or that it has “the smile of Isoka in Hunter Hunter” ( Liar liar ).

Ken Samaras, his real name, is also where we do not expect it. With Vanessa Paradis for In the universe he declares his love and takes the risk of singing, yes, singing, a few words.

the One who said not to be “this nigga reckless” that has “not been a suicide,” shows a maturity which does not seem feigned. The bumps and bruises to the souls which Nekfeu referred to by small touches throughout the album: “A young man in the Entourage is dead, “I cried in a synagogue” and “my girlfriend makes me smiles while she is being transfused”.

rapper white allows some lessons of moral: “In my team I was the only one that the police controlled not” ( Cheum ). The theme of white domination returns several times, as in Noise that is a short : “…Those who engaged in controversy on the minarets,/They would eliminate the minorities for minerals”. Other positions are a little less common in the rap. Against homophobia, in particular, with Liar liar . Or in favour of the place of women, often reduced solely to the role of dancers in a thong in the middle of the Rap. In The noise that is short – , he writes thus: “I can’t abandon the sound, I am aware that the lives of our sisters is full of disappointments / It’s like being competent at the taf and pass that allusions.” A speech against the current which always sounds just. And if, as he says, Nekfeu “hate success”, this disc may give her bad times.