The great return of the heroine of Bonnie and Clyde will not take place. After 35 years of absence on the boards, Faye Dunaway, age 78, had to embody Katharine Hepburn in the play inspired by the life of the actress, Tea at Five , for the new theatrical season on Broadway. But the producers have announced that she would not be chosen for the unique role of the show. According to information reported by the New York Post she would have slapped a member of the production team.

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On 10 July, a rehearsal at the theatre-Huntington in Boston would have been terminated because the actress would have slapped and hurled objects at the person in charge of putting on the wig. After the cancellation, Faye Dunaway allegedly “assaulted verbally” production team.

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Scott Beck and Ben Feldman, the producer of the piece, announced Wednesday in a press release to have “ended their relationship” with the actress, without further explanation. “Preparations are being made to ensure that the room is ready at the beginning of next year with a new actress to play the role of Katharine Hepburn”, they add.

The last appearance of Faye Dunaway in the theatre dates back to 1982, to The Curse of The Aching Heart. His last roles on the big screen date back to 2017 with the films Jesus: the investigation and Usurpation. After the success that she has known for her interpretation of Bonnie Parker in 1967 in the film Bonnie and Clyde , she has been awarded by several awards like the Oscar for best actress in 1977 for Network , as well as four Golden Globes.