After the cinema and theatre, music. François Hollande is a lover of art This summer, the former president pays a tour of festivals. First, the SoFilm Summercamp at the end of June. And then Avignon, at the beginning of July. On Thursday, He was on a visit to the Francofolies for a carte blanche music. Of Douce France by Charles Trenet, recovery Card Stay, to memory and the sea of Léo Ferré, François Hollande is told in songs The Francofolies of la Rochelle, on Thursday, during a confession in public.

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The former president of the Republic has participated in this all-new appointment of the “Francos”, moderated by the journalist Éric Fottorino, in the Tower of the Chain in the heart of the city rochelaise. memory and the sea of Léo Ferré was the first song chosen by François Hollande.

“as a Child, Ferré was for me unbearable”, a-t-he first entrusted. “It was the song was very traditional in the’ 50s who didn’t talk about. But I found out at 15, 16 years old With time , which is one of the most beautiful. And I soon discovered the poet, with memory and the sea .” “That said, this song? The tide, the sea, always takes us back to our memories. I understood that this song is to me to accompany all my life. It leads to be responsible for his life, because it is still caught by the tide”, he explained.

“, A parallel with the life of a couple”

Douce France , created by Trenet in 1947 and then revisited in 1986 by the Residence Card, the group of the late Rachid Taha, who disappeared last year, Mr. Holland has held “a very strong message chanted by Taha: “we who are not French, let us proclaim our attachment to France”. This is the hymn to France, which was resumed, with a very nice symbolic”.

“It means that an author writes a song at a certain time in a certain context, and that what will make the greatness of the song is that she will not only survive, but also to marry other times and be interpreted by artists who are going to give it a new meaning”, he stressed.

Surprising in its choices, more contemporary – I asked the Moon of Indochina, of which it held that “it is up to oneself to go to his star, his destiny”, as he did for the 2012 presidential election, or departure Alex Beaupain, which draws “a parallel between a married life and the political life” – the former leader also referred to This is the night by Michel Jonasz. “The events of the happiest and the most tragic is often spend the night. At night, it is also the moment where one is truly alone with himself. The night is a part of life where everything is going to play out and during my term of office, there are a lot of nights where I haven’t slept, because I was aware that the story was”, he told.