Akram Khan has never locked into a genre or a format. The choreographer london proves it here once more. Always listening to its beating heart, it fits today’s The last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. The work was marked when he was a student in plastic arts, while his teacher had asked them to propose a rewrite.

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a Few years later, the young artist had been struck by the remake of the australian artist Susan Dorothea White, who had replaced the disciples by the women, Jesus becomes an aboriginal and Judas the only white drinking a coke. His rewrite on the scene of Avignon is also radical, even though it keeps a dimension of the mythological.

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Akram Khan observes: “in the era of smartphones, one of the only rituals of the group that remains is the spectacle”. He produces strong images in the middle of light very studied and a soundtrack that mixes electronic sounds and air of the thunder. The show has its share of violence, and reached its climax on a kill. But the dance, superb, takes over with to finish a solo with extreme slowness.

Festival d’avignon until July 21st, then at the Théâtre de la ville in Paris, from 11 to 20 September.