Spend fifteen days with Agnès Varda, this is starting to wander to the edge of a ULM. A wing documentary, the other fiction, curiosity and fantasy govern a trip with detours unexpected. Miss Varda was first a photographer. She loves to create collages and patchworks, this is one of the principles of poetic cinema, who likes to play on the associations of ideas and images, to mix genres, times and tones.

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With his first film, The Peak short (1954), it appears as a pioneer of the New Wave. The interrogations in love with Philippe Noiret and Silvia Monfort mingle with the observation of the daily life of a fishing village. He must go and see Cleo from 5 to 7 (1961), moving to suspense, intimate real-time. The great Without roof or law (1985) with Sandrine Bonnaire in the SDF. The wonderful Jacquot de Nantes (1990), biography poetic of her husband, Jacques Demy. And among the documentaries, Daguerreotypes , portraits picturesque of its neighbours on the rue Daguerre, and his documentary in california. It is necessary to draw in the shorts, too. And the 20 January at 14: 30, a master class with Varda to discover his art, engaged, and cleared of mound building, expert at finding things that are treasures.

Fifteen days with Agnès Varda. a Retrospective at the Cinémathèque française (XIIe), 16 to 28 January.