On March 24, “as part of an activity initiated by final year students, several complaints were filed with the gendarmerie for acts of violence against certain executives but also for the degradation of buildings”, indicates the prosecutor of the Republic of Le Mans Delphine Dewailly in a press release.

“Some victims have thus been beaten voluntarily, and have injuries that have caused total incapacity for work (ITT) for several days”, adds the magistrate.

A judicial inquiry into the heads of violence and degradation had been opened following these alleged facts.

Since Monday, “fifteen students have been heard under police custody, which allows them to benefit from all the provisions and guarantees provided for by the code of criminal procedure”, continues Ms. Dewailly.

The penalties incurred for these acts are five years’ imprisonment, according to the same source.

“Welcoming 550 pupils and students in a prestigious setting, the Prytanée is one of the four defense schools of the Army”, can we read on the site of the army.

“The Prytanée National Militaire (desired by Napoleon I in 1800) moved to La Flèche in 1808, in the buildings of a college founded in 1604 (…). It serves as a preparatory school for the Schools of Saint -Cyr and Saint-Germain (cavalry)”, according to the same source, which specifies that the rate of mention at the baccalaureate reaches 83%.