“He has been writing for fifty years without ever post anything, so there’s a lot of production. This is not resistance or protectionism on our part: when this is ready, then we will share it.” Years of waiting and rumors come to an end. Matt Salinger, said in the journal The Guardian that his father had left a literary legacy.

The circle of trust is valuable: until his death in 2010, J. D. Salinger has lived in seclusion most total, not giving any interview, filtering every piece of information about his private life. The only bits that he let out come, paradoxically, from a trial that he opened to prevent the publication of an unauthorized biography written by Ian Hamilton.

manuscripts, notes, and haiku poetry

rumors had played well in 2013 on the possible publication of five new effects and even the production of a documentary. “This is bullshit”, $ today his son. Producer and actor, Matt Salinger, is especially known to have interpreted the super-hero Captain America in the film of the same name, released in 1990. Since 2011, he has totally put his career and life in parentheses to devote himself to the work of his father.

The task is pharamineuse. Born in 1919 in New York city, Jerome David Salinger never stopped writing. “He was overflowing with thoughts and ideas, he was driving the car and stopped to write something and make fun of himself – sometimes I read, other times not – and beside each chair there was a book,” said his son. “Read his writings for the first time was emotional,” he says, explaining that he feels today the “pressure” to make public these new texts. “More pressure than he did himself,” says the man of 58 years to the journalist Lidija Haas.

“We’re going as fast as we can,”

The publication of The Catcher Hearts in 1951 had been plunged by Salinger in a celebrity which he did not. Harassed by teenagers who recognized themselves in its hero Holden Caulfield, the writer has taken refuge in the isolation of the total. “He had simply decided that he wrote better in limiting the social interactions,” defends Matt Salinger. To protect J. D. Salinger has not published then as a few new, such as Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour (1963), or Hapworth 16,1924 (1965), his last work. Until his death, he leaves his admirers – The Catcher hearts has sold more than 65 million copies – in the greatest disarray.

In this year that marks the centenary of the birth of Salinger, the fans found hope. An exhibition scheduled to open in October at the New York Public Library, will present manuscripts, photograpies, letters and personal objects of the author. A taste of the publication of the unpublished “could take years”, but “less than ten years,” promises Matt Salinger.