A sharp voice veiled with Asaf Avidan, an electric guitar with vintage sound, smooth languorous of his two backup singers, that’s what consists the project of Tiwayo. A funny name from his initials (TYO). Also effective in acoustic sessions in the songs from his album, very slick, the milf released a debut album on the 18th of January. And what is a crooner with a guitar? Love, of course, as in Wild or in Love me like you say .

Dubbed by his peers, he makes the first parts of Curtis Harding, Patrice (which one feels openly influence in the way of singing), but also Norah Jones and Marcus Miller. To top it all off, he signed his album recorded in the United States on the famous label Blue Note. It smells like the south of the United States of america and the soul of the 60’s as well as a soup of influences, Reggae, Rock’n’roll, Gospel, and Blues of course.

Tiwayo, on 5 march at 20 hours, at The Maroquinerie, 23 rue Boyer (Xx). Tel.: 01 40 33 35 05. Tickets: 22€