Poppy Jones was born in Wales. As Tom Jones or John Cale, both of which have led to beautiful musical careers without losing their focus. The Poppy is rubbed very early in the pavement in london, where she moved 11 years ago. It was there that she formed Shake Shake Go, in 2013, on the benches of the university, with three musicians. It is in the whole of the United Kingdom that they would make their weapons. Homesick, released last September, is the album which you can now access a new audience. Very effective on stage, the training combines references to pop, rock and soul in a single breath. You get out of it exhilarated and on fire.

Trabendo 211, av Jean-Jaurès (Xix).
Tel.: 01 42 06 05 52.
Date: on 21 march at 19: 30.
up: 28,60 €.