Fighter McGregor has explained his decision to retire from the sport

Irish fighter of the mixed style Conor McGregor said that he had decided to retire due to the lack of worthy opponents.

“I just lost interest, you’re always waiting but nothing happens. I went through options the following opponents, but now none of them is worth nothing” — he said, reports ESPN.

He said that hoped to become the opponent of Justin Geydzhi in the battle for the interim UFC title, then to fight with Habib Nurmagomedov for the permanent title, but the promotion didn’t give him the chance. The Irishman also said that he had watched the last UFC tournaments resumed after the virus-caused pause, and felt no interest in them.

“I was just bored. Don’t know whether the fact that there is no audience, or something. Lost interest,” concluded McGregor.

Before fighter has twice reported that retires on the 19th of April 2016 and March 26, 2019. After that, he both times he returned.

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