“They love to come and introduce their film, it’s part of the game. Gallienne, yes, it must come. And Dany Boon?”, is concerned a fan of the comedian for a few minutes before the screening of the highly anticipated Turkey of Jalil Lespert, the output of which is scheduled for 25 September. His wish is quickly granted. Eyes fixed on his mobile phone until the last minute, in shirt and gray matching pants, Dany Boon makes his entrance to much applause. Photographers mitraillent the team of the film, which are also Alice Pol, and Camille Lellouche.

The team of Turkey in Angoulême. YOHAN BONNET/AFP

Dominique Besnehard, co-founder of the francophone film festival of Angoulême remains, him, in the background. It fingers crossed. Where in the world is Guillaume Gallienne? “It is in the train, it is with Guillaume Pepy,” jokes the director of Bienvenue chez les ch tis . The player will eventually arrive, late due to a suspicious package on the line.

“This is the first time you watch the film, prevents Jalil Lespert. The actors to me have made an outstanding contribution in this project, we actually created a small troop, there was a lot of repeated…”. “What is rare, Jalil has very intelligently imposed three weeks of rehearsal”, the interrupts Dany Boon. “It is a partition tough, we worked a lot”, still provides the director. “But it is not seen at all!”, replies, laughing comedian.

Charisma of a crustacean

He did not believe so well to say. This piece, adapted from the famous vaudeville theatre Feydeau, which recounts the infidelities of the mirror Pontagnac and Vatelin, and transposed, we do not know why, in the 1960s, is part of the turnip. In the role of Monsieur Pontagnac, Guillaume Gallienne, who is supposed to seduce the wife of his friend, leaves them indifferent. He has the charisma of a crustacean. Dany Boon in Vatelin, the husband, deceived, comes out of it as he can. “His” wife, Alice Pol, falls within the level, but could not avoid the wreck. Even Laure Calamy (Ms. of Pontagnac), generally excellent, loses all its means.

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Poor Feydeau, whose work, with the precision worthy of a swiss clock, normally causes the viewer into a whirlwind of mishaps, misunderstandings and other upsets brilliant! It is here violated. It would be too long to list the shortcomings of this comedy pataude.

The public has had of the nose, it has filled seven rooms on the eleven of the CGR, the great cinema of Angoulême. A lot less than Yvan Attal with My dog is stupid, proposed Tuesday in the opening of the festival, and Cédric Klapisch with its nice film, Two me the day before.