the One who is “already saw at the top of the poster,” died a year ago, on October 1, 2018. A disappearance which has saddened the whole of France but also Armenia, his native country. To celebrate his memory, a documentary film entitled The Eyes of Charles , and depicting a part of his life out in the hall on Wednesday 2 October.

“The culmination of a relationship of twenty years”

This project, conducted by his two sons, Mischa and Nicholas, is a bit special since it is Charles Aznavour himself, who has shot the images. The singer, during some sixty years ago, has filmed his life with a camera. It was then the images in a special room and never the view.

one of The first people who had the privilege of seeing them is the producer Marc Di Domenico. The Eyes of Charles, “it is the culmination of a relationship that was woven for the past 20 years,” explains the filmmaker on RTL.

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The hobby of the artist has allowed the developer to choose from a “bank of images” extraordinary, those that he needed to tell the life so well filled by the singer. The red wire between each sequence is the voice of Romain Duris. The spectator will be able to enjoy the calm and mesmerizing actor reminiscent of the scenes as if he himself was Aznavour.

The text is “drawn from all the books of my father, and also talks radio, we transcribe it and we ploughed a little in all this to assemble the text and the narration of the film,” says Mischa, the son of the singer at the microphone of Yves Clavi. Result is a documentary film immersive, with content completely unique. The world as seen by Charles Aznavour. The exile of his parents, his life in Montmartre, New York and many other major events of his life.

A show and a bust for Charles

It’s not the film that will honor the memory of the Armenian. The chain C8 through a special program hosted by Cyril Hanouna him will dedicate a special bonus, the Thursday, October 3, at 21h05. During the evening, he and his team will be back on the path of the singer including “personal pictures, and rare” ad to the string.

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Tuesday, 1 October at 12.15 pm in the City hall of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, Christophe Girard, deputy mayor for culture, and Jean-Pierre Lecoq, mayor of the 6th district, will receive a bust of the singer, offered by the Foundation Aznavour. This sculpture made by Alice Mélikian should be installed at the crossroads of the Odeon, childhood neighborhood of the singer.

A cultural centre will also be created in Armenia, have informed his son, still at the microphone of RTL. “We’re going to create the center Aznavour, a cultural centre with a French institute, the first in Armenia”, they said.