in his first televised speech in October 2017, the French saw it: the painting of Marianne, surrounded by the colours blue-white-red, and with the motto “Freedom-Equality-Brotherhood”. A work signed by Shepard Fairey, the more communémment called Obey Giant. Of passage-way to France to discover and inaugurate an exhibition in his honor at Grenoble, the american artist took a detour by the Elysée palace this Saturday June 22 to meet Emmanuel Macron. They posed together in front of the famous painting around the gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the head of the Gallery Itinerrance.

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Shepard Fairey and Mehdi Ben Cheikh, guests of the President and Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée ! #obey #obeygiant #shepardfairey #elysee #emmanuelmacron #liberteegalitefraternite #bleublancrouge

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The work, offered by Obey to the candidate Macron during the campaign, is part of the private collection of the president of the Republic. It is a replica of a large fresco on a wall of the Thirteenth arrondissement of Paris (rue Nationale), which was itself inspired by the artwork named Peace-Girl dating back to 2005. “This is a painting that I made to show my solidarity with the French after the attacks of November 2015 in Paris,” said the american artist Wednesday, during a conference given at the museum of Grenoble. “I have not created for Emmanuel Macron, he simply decided that he wanted it,” he said.

The 31 December 2018, the head of State had presented his wishes to the French, for the immense work.

Shepard Fairey, 49 years, is a world star of the street art He made himself known to the general public with “Hope”, the campaign poster of Barack Obama in 2008.

For his thirty-year career, the former museum of painting of Grenoble devoted to him until the 27th of October, a retrospective, in more than 600 labels, in the framework of the 5th festival Street Art Fest, Grenoble, france.

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An exhibition of over 1,000 m2 with more than 600 works of Shepard Fairey @obeygiant ? It won’t happen in Los Angeles where to New York, but in Grenoble ! . See you tonight at 18h at the old museum of painting of Grenoble for the official opening of the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes and the beginning of the exhibition, “Obey : 30 years of Resistance” . . As a reminder, the official opening of this exhibition will take place on Thursday, June 13, at 17.30 , in the presence of Shepard Fairey himself

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The inauguration took place on Friday 21 June.

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“Pink Girl” by @obeygiant During the @grenoblestreetartfest 2019 5 Boulevard Maréchal Randon Residence The Home @crousgrenoblealpes @villedegrenoble . . . . . For more information : #OBEYGIANT30TH #FACINGTHEGIANT #obey #obeygiant #grenoblestreetartfest #france #shepardfairey #streetartfestgrenoblealpes #SAFGA2019 #spacejunkartcenters #streetartgrenoble #grenoblealpes #spacejunkgrenoble #grenoble

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A new wall giant Obey in Paris

After the rue Nationale, place Igor-Stravinsky. Obey Giant currently exhibits at the gallery Roaming in Paris for the 30 years of its action. At this occasion, the team of Shepard Fairey, have invested a huge wall near the Pompidou Centre, for a work of feminist and committed.

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#streetart #streetartparis #streetartphoto #streetartphotography #streetartphotographie #urbanart #artmural #artderue #artderueparis #arturbain #muralart #obeygiant #obey #amazing @obeygiant

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The gallery exhibits the artist until 27 July, the opening takes place Saturday, 22 June, 18h, 24 boulevard du General Jean Simon in the 13th in Paris.