Julien Bayou, national secretary of EELV, told AFP on Wednesday that he contested the argument of the Constitutional Council which considered that the article in question had nothing to do with the voted text, while accepting that it was “sovereign”.

For the time being, this type of use of used oils is prohibited in France because they are not part of the approved fuels, unlike some European countries such as Germany.

“I had included this article following another on aspects of energy sovereignty, but the Senate moved it elsewhere and buried it by asking for a report,” he reacted, promising to come back to the charge. “during the Finance Bill in 2023, during which the customs code can be modified”.

The president of the environmental group in the National Assembly once again judged “that it was better to depend on chip stalls than on oil monarchies, not to bow to Mohammed bin Salman and not to depend on American shale gas”.

According to the MP’s written arguments, 10 liters of properly reprocessed waste oil can provide 8 liters of fuel, and release up to 90% less greenhouse gases than conventional diesel.

For him, this initiative is promising, citing the “Roule ma frite” association in Oléron, which has been developing these fuels since 2006 on a local scale, or even “local authorities in the North using this system” and individuals “who recover frying oil from restaurants to save half a tank of gas” in an artisanal way.

The Constitutional Council considered on August 12 that this article presented “no link, even indirect” with the provisions of the initial article 20 of the bill, authorizing road hauliers of goods to index the prices of their service on energy prices.