the output of Kama Sutra , in 1990, François Mitterrand was still president of the French republic. Michel Rocard was prime minister, Cyrano of Rappeneau and Nikita Luc Besson competing for the favors of the box-office, and Goodbye Marilou was in the loop on the FM band. Nearly thirty years later, the situation has changed. Emmanuel Macron is the Élysée palace and the yellow Vests under her windows which bring the news. After a long absence, barely interrupted by a handful of singles and two rounds to success, Michel Polnareff book “Finally!” tenth solo album in a career that began in 1966.

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Album river promised for several years, entitled “Finally!” with a lot of self-deprecating, has undergone several transformations before getting to us. The final result is the fruit of sessions in the studio in california. With the participation of the old backpackers of the studio (Tony McAlpine, Jimmy Johnson, Curt Bisquerra), the sound is very american. The album which was published by Barclay is a catch-all iconoclastic in which there is a surprise good news, and sometimes also of pieces of the pitfalls.

The adventure has the good taste to open on an instrumental ambitious and inflated that shows the ease of Polnareff to establish climates. Some of the pieces that play the punch, and the overall mood is playful and combative. Brass, soul, synth electro, guitars, metal, inflections, tango, pulsating disco, and other colors that populate the universe phantasmagorical of Polnareff. He has written several titles of his own feather, he has also worked with the excellent Doriand, including the beautiful and classical Grandis not , stripped, and moving like Polnareff vintage. Ophelia Fragrant Beds and the man in The red , respectively released in 2006 and 2015, are entitled to a second chance under new tinsel.

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Very rock, with a text that plays with a sense of humor about the horrors of the blank page, Longtime is perhaps the most successful piece on the disc, with a melody that’s unstoppable, and its rhythmic way in the chase. The album, as messy as the bedroom of a kid who does not know where to put his toys, is moved by a force and a power rare. Happy shows the interest of the singer for the preservation of the planet when other texts are more personal, and even rogues to some ( Positions , Sumi , Ophelia Fragrant beds ). In its own way to abolish the hierarchies between writing styles and composition, this drive is often in tune with the listening habits of today. In your current playlist , placed in penultimate position, Polnareff a tribute to the loyalty of his audience, whose patience has been sorely tested by the long wait caused by the disk often delayed and that he discovers… Finally!